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Shudokan Aikido is a founding member of the Shudokan Aikido Association, a group of traditional Japanese style martial arts schools established in 2004.  For almost 20 years we have been teaching traditional Aikikai Aikido following the teaching of Morihei Ueshiba (known as Osensei) and his direct disciple, Hiroshi Kato Sensei (8th Dan).  The Shudokan Aikido Association has affiliated dojos in Florida, Mexico, and across Texas.

We emphasize effective self-defense, personal discipline, and a solid understanding of Aikido principles.

We are affiliated with Aikido World Headquarters and Suginami Aikikai in Tokyo, Japan.

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Unlike martial arts that rely on strikes and punches, Aikido emphasizes harmony and non-aggression.  Practitioners learn to redirect and control an attacker's force through flowing and movements, making it an effective self-defense technique that doesn't require physical strength.

In Aikido, instead of meeting force with force, you blend with the attack and guide it to a peaceful resolution.  Techniques involve joint locks, throws, and pins that can be executed with minimal effort.

Aikido promotes not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional balance, making it accessible to people of all ages and abilities.  It is a martial art that encourages conflict resolution through harmony and graceful movement rather than confrontation.


Our dojo was founded by the late Sensei Jorge Garcia, 6th dan.  Sensei Jorge's passion for Aikido was instilled in his students who continue his legacy.  For over 20 years we have been teaching traditional Aikiki Aikido following the teaching of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, and his direct disciple, Hiroshi Kato.

We emphasize effective self-defense, personal discipline and a solid understanding of Aikido principles.

Kato Sensei


We are pleased to announce an upcoming seminar with Steve Baker, 6th Dan, on the 19th to 21st of July.

Steve Baker is a senior instructor at Suginami Aikiki.  For many years he accompanied Hiroshi Kato Sensei, 8th Dan, on his international seminar trips.  As a basis of his practice and teaching, Steve brings a deep focus on the skills behind the techniques.

Full details about scheduling and costs can be found here.

Steve Baker Sensei


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Joe Cavazos

Shudokan Aikido Association Technical Director

5th Degree Black Belt

Joe started Aikido in April 1991 under Bill Sosa Shihan, 6th dan, where he continued until Sosa Shihan’s death in 2002. He then trained under Lynn Fabia Sensei in the newly established Society of Aikido Centers, earning his SAC 4th Dan in 2005. Joe diversified his Aikido practice by attending seminars led by instructors from a variety of Aikido styles. At one of these, he met Jorge Garcia Sensei who introduced Joe to Hiroshi Kato Shihan, 8th Dan. Impressed by Kato Shihan’s dynamic Aikido, Joe became Kato Shihan’s personal student.

In 2007, Joe formally joined the Aikikai, receiving his 2nd and 3rd Dan directly from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. In May 2014, he earned his 4th Dan after an impressive and skillful examination overseen by Shihan-Dai Seiji Ido. As announced at Hombu dojo's annual Kagamibiraki in January 2024, Joe earned his 5th dan.

Joe is the founder of Aikido Center of Mission, Texas, and Regional Director of Shudokan Aikido Association’s South Texas- Mexico Region. He also serves as the Technical Director and Vice President for the wider Shudokan Aikido Association.

Joe regularly teaches adult classes in the Houston dojo, emphasizing advanced techniques and internal power.

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Memo Almaguer

Chief Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt

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Carol Harkness

Chief Instructor & Dojo-Cho

3rd Degree Black Belt

Carol’s Aikido journey began in 1988 with the Scottish Aikido Federation, guided by Matthew Holland Shihan, 7th Dan. While in the U.K. she attended British Aikido Federation events and seminars led by notable instructors like Minoru Kanetsuka Shihan and Terry Ezra Shihan.

In 2007, Carol resumed her Aikido training at Erik Calderon Sensei’s ShinKiKan dojo, in Houston, TX. Regularly attending Shudokan Aikido Association’s seminars, Carol was drawn to Kato Sensei’s distinctive Aikido style and joined the SAA in 2011 under Jorge Garcia Sensei. Carol took her 1st Dan Aikiki test in 2012, overseen by Hiroshi Kato Shihan. Later, she earned her 2nd and 3rd Dan under Shihan-dai Seiji Ido and Shingiro Yokoyama Sensei, respectively.

Carol has attended seminars across the USA and Mexico. In 2014, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Japan, participating in the Suginami Aikiki Embukai in Tokyo and training at Hombu Dojo.

Following Garcia Sensei’s passing in 2023, she assumed the role of Dojo-Cho at Shudokan Aikido’s Houston dojo. Her Aikido focuses on dynamic movement and practical application.

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Andy Nguyen


2nd Degree Black Belt

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Andy Croft


1st Degree Black Belt

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Jillian Le

Office Manager