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Posted on: 2005/6/14 9:47
Kato Shihan Seminar
The Kyu Shin Ryu Aikijujitsu School in Victoria would like to extend a warm thank you to Garcia Sensei, Molina Sensei, and other Sensei who made our experiences in Houston and Corpus Christi so memorable. We especially would like to thank Kato Shihan for the wonderful learning experience offered to us by him. It is not often that a person is offered the opportunity to study with such an accomplished Master in such a wonderful art as Aikido. We also want to thank you for allowing us to demonstrate our art in Houston before such a talented group of Martial Artists and the public audience that was in attendance. The comments offered us were very kind, edifying, and flattering. This is one of those events that left a lasting impression on the heart and soul of this writer and his students. May God bless you all.
Domo Arigato
Torres Sensei
P.S. Our house is your house. If you find yourself in Victoria and would like to train or just hang out please let us know and we will accomodate you. Contact can be made via our website- www.kyushinryuaikijujitsu.net . Just go to the contact page.
Posted on: 2005/6/22 11:00
Joined: 2004/3/29
From: Houston, Texas
Posts: 36
Re: Kato Shihan Seminar
Thank you Rick, for your kind words. You are truly a kindred spirit. I look forward to many years of good times together. You now have friends in Houston. Our house is also your house.
Best wishes,
Jorge Garcia Sensei
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