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First put on the pants. There's not much trick to this, but the following points should be noted:
1. The pants should be snug around the waist but riding fairly low on the hips.
2. If the cord goes around twice, snug up the middle loop first, then tighten the ends.
3. To be traditional (and safest), use a square knot. A bow knot (like you would use to tie your shoes) is more convenient during undressing, but can sometimes come undone during practice.

1. Put the jacket on with the left side outside of the right side. The other way is only used for dressing dead people for funerals.
2. If the jacket has ties (some karate uniforms do), tie them. It's OK to use a bow knot for these because once your belt is on it shouldn't matter if they come undone.

1. Find the middle of the belt. Place it several fingers below your navel.
2. Tightly wrap both ends around you. Each end goes behind you and comes out the other side.

NOTE:The belt should lay flat on your body at all points. This means that, over your spine, the two ends run side-by-side (since they can't pass through each other).
3. Take the ends in front and lay them on top of the middle part of the belt, which is already there.
4. In the middle, you have to lay one end down first. Lay the right end (the one that started to the left, wrapped behind your body, came out to the right, and is now in your right hand) on the middle part, and let the excess hang slightly.
5. Lay the left end *over* the right and middle parts. Tighten if needed. Let the excess hang slightly.
6. Suck in your gut, wrap the left end (now on the right side of your body) down, under, and up inside all the other parts of the belt. Tighten if needed. The left end should now be sticking diagonally up and to your right, and the right end still sticking diagonally down and to your left.
7. To tie the knot, bend the left (upper right) end down and to the left of the right (lower left) end.
8. Then bend the right end up and over the left end, and thread it through the loop made by the left end. Tighten by pulling the ends. The left end should be sticking left and the right end should be sticking right, and the knot should appear somewhat bilaterally symmetric.
Adjust the belt to ride on your hips, and you've got it!

If you need help tying your belt or about any other aspect of the uniform, don't be embarrased to ask your sensei. He understands and is committed to your initial experience being a positive one.